Is that certified jewellery?

We are proud to offer high-quality, certified jewelry to our valued customers. All of our jewelry goes through certification processes to ensure that it meets our strict standards of quality and authenticity. Therefore, we can confidently confirm that our jewelry is indeed certified.

Where do you manufacture your jewellery?

All our products are manufactured in Japan.

Do you create custom jewelleries?

Yes! We regularly create customized jewelries that ranges from simple jewellery to bridal jewellery.

How much will it cost for shipping?

We are pleased to inform you that we offer complimentary shipping for all orders within Japan. Therefore, there will be no additional cost for shipping.

Do you provide jewellery repair service?

Yes, we do. We provide ring resizing, checking stones and cleaning, polishing and refinishing services to our customers.Don’t assume all hope is lost.

What diamond color do you use?

We use diamonds range from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). All the diamonds we use are graded on a color scale established by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Where can i buy the jewellery?

You can buy our jewellery online via our websites, online store, instagram and facebook. You can also find an exclusive collection at store in New York, United States. We regularly take part of local popups and events, so follow us on Instagram, facebook to keep up to date.

What diamond clarity do you use?

We use SI 1  to I3 clarity.

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